Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Happenings

Summer so far has been pretty great. I've done lots of relaxing! I've gotten to see friends (and teachers) at graduations, open houses, and baby showers. It has been nice to catch up with them. I'm so proud of the senior class that graduated from my high school this year! So many of them are doing wonderful things with their lives next year. Although it does make me feel really old...

The weather hasn't been cooperating particularly well in Minnesota this spring/early summer, but I've gotten to spend some quality time outside on those few days it has decided not to rain. Just this evening I spent a couple hours out on my deck reading. The sun was out and the temperature was perfect, weather for shorts and a t-shirt, but not too hot. I listened to the noise of kids playing in my neighbors yard, ice cream trucks driving past, and some kind of sporting event happening at the park by my house. I don't know how many hours I've spend out there reading in previous summers, and the smells and sounds and sights of the neighborhood paired with a wonderful book brings back lots of happy memories. That's what summer's all about for me.

I've had some awesome times with my family as well, from a five day camping trip with my parents to entire days just spent running errands with my mom. I miss those things when I'm away from home! I've gotten some driving practice in (no, I still don't have my licence). I'm getting better, but its a good thing I still have the most of the summer to practice...

The main new thing this summer is that I have a job! Well, I start my job tomorrow actually. I have an internship at a company that does a lot of software development and things like that, I don't know very much about it yet. I've never worked full time before, so this should be an experience. I'm most likely going to major in computer science, so this will be a fantastic opportunity for me to gain some experience and also learn more about what type of job I might want later on. And its a paid internship! That is very important as well. I'm a little nervous about my first day, but also excited. After tomorrow I will have a much better idea about what my summer will look like, because I still know very little about the job or what I will be doing on a day to day basis.

That's about all that's new with me! After a crazy and busy school year, it has been nice that not too much has been going on. I guess I'm glad that my entire summer won't be as lazy, but I sure did enjoy it while it lasted.