Friday, February 14, 2014



I LOVE snow.

At this stage in my life, snow is hardly an inconvenience at all. There are wonderful people who shovel and plow the entire campus for me, and I never have to drive anywhere. I'm trying to enjoy it while I can, before I move back to Minnesota and actually have to be responsible and travel places (besides on foot).

Today I had about an hour between class and work, and I couldn't quite stand the thought of staying inside all day. So, I went outside. It was meant to be a very short walk, but I didn't wander my way back to the science center for over half an hour. These pictures are a result of that excursion. (Pardon the terrible phone photography. It all looked a lot cooler in person. You know, when I could see anything through the blowing snow...)

The Academic Quad (Pendleton Hall)

Our beloved bell-tower

Is it just me, or does this make anybody else
really want to run down that path too?

untouched corner

pop of color

poor guy...

I'm really bad at taking selfies

I feel like snow in some way helps people come together. Sometimes it's because everybody is stuck inside together, and sometimes because people need to help each other out. Sometimes, though, it's just a matter of people enjoying the beauty together. I was walking along, pretty slowly, stopping wherever caught my fancy. At one point a girl walked past me, as I was standing just staring out towards the trees and pond. She said something about enjoying the snow, then proceeded to mention she had been taking pictures and that I ended up in one of them. So, I gave her my email and she sent it to me, and we each went on our way. I love the picture, but I love even more that she would stop and start a conversation with a total stranger about something like snow.

That little speck of red is me.