Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Things I've Seen

As I mentioned in my last blog post, these past few weeks have been full of lots of travelling and adventures. So, this time I just want to share some more pictures.

This was at the start of my trip to New York. It's not a spectacular picture, but I love trains. They always make me feel like an adventure!

Big buildings and things we saw.

This is a random apartment building we passed. I liked the name of it :) (Also, photo credit to Abby)

 The American Museum of Natural History. It's a cool place.

And now, on to North Carolina. Here are some of the banners that were lined up along the fence, welcoming home the Marines.

I got this bracelet before my brother went to boot camp, and I wore it basically his entire deployment.

One night, in an attempt to find the beach on Camp Lejeune, my mom and I got woefully lost. We did lots of driving around that day. One of the most amusing things about driving on a Marine base is all of the tank crossing signs everywhere. At first we kind of wondered why they were necessary. I mean, wouldn't you see a tank sitting by the side of the road? But at around dusk we actually did pass by a group of tanks by the side of the road... They're harder to see than you might imagine.

Finally, by some miracle, we found the beach. This is my mom being happy that we found the beach.

Very soon after we got there the sun began to set. The sky was SO PRETTY!

My attempt to be artistic: taking a picture of the reflection of the sunset in the window of a little blue shack near the beach.

One day we decided to drive down to Wilmington NC, about an hour away from Jacksonville. We toured the USS North Carolina, a retired WWII battleship. It was fascinating, although slightly claustrophobic below deck.

This is my family walking along a river (that I don't know the name of...) in Wilmington.

And now, back to campus. This is the awesome view from our bell tower.

This is inside the bell tower. We have a Halloween event every year and decorate, although the tower certainly doesn't need much help to be creepy...

And finally, this is where I was sitting earlier today writing this blog post. Ah, Harvard Square. A great place to people watch, and a great place to go and attempt to do homework, and then spend an hour writing a blog post instead...